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Mairie de Paris

The fine art photo book for Colas show casts photographs  taken from Helicopter by Alex Mac Lean.

Every year La Poste, the french state postal service publishes a timber book for collectors, displaying the latest timber designs.

ATR, the world leader of propelling aeroplanes recently has renewed its visual identity. I have created a collection of print brochures and technical sheets respecting their new chart.

Small brochure about the house of associations realised for the Mayor of Paris.

book. brochure. poster.

A collection of four brochures for Majencia, fabricant of furnitures, each brochures reflecting graphically the style and design of the respective brand of products.

A series of posters and brochures for the RATP, which is the Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports.

Every year HILTI organises an event for presenting their latest products. Conception of the event topic and declinasion of some graphic supports.



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