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The Renault Annual Report visualizes the idea of a road trip diary. Big country shaped cut-outs and a folder brochure make this printed version special.

Colas' main activity is the construction of roads.  This annual report show castes their realisations with beautiful photographs.

A more graphic approach to Colas'   business is shown in the annual report of the following year.

In the Annual Report for France Telecom/ Orange full frame photo pages and typography pages alternate.

The printed version of annual report of Orange is directly linked to more web content and videos available online.

annual report. conception

This annual report for BIC is created like a life-style magazine, with a give away, articles, interviews, event pages and advertisings.

Rungis is the biggest fresh market in Europe. The annual report for its 40th anniversairy has a festive theme that repeats on all pages.

Until today I have graphically conceived about 40 Annual Reports. This is only a small selection

of my work. If you want to see more of my work, please contact me for my portfolio.



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